Keeping Books Real

One of the best things about books is the flutter the pages make when you search for your place, or the way you can rifle through them. The way you handle a new book, not wanting to crease the binding; the way you respect an old book that reveals its age by the many wrinkles down its spine. The way you can lend and borrow books; they link friends and aquaintances. The way you can search through piles of books, scanning the names, running your fingers accross the edges, until you find the one your looking for. The hours you spend in a library: each time you are putting a book back, a new title catches you.

                          Are all these pleasures to be lost, with the introduction of new technology? Will we all be reading from tiny screens within the next decade? Will paper books be laid to rest while eReaders become our main reading source? I believe that as long as holding a physical, real book in your hands brings you pleasure, theey will remain a major part of our daily lives.



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