To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee

Returning to the classics for the end of 2009, next on our re-read list is To Kill a Mocking Bird.

Scout and Jem, the young children of good-hearted lawyer, Atticus, are fascinated by the unjust case of a black-American being wrongfully condemned, while their father battles for his freedom.

Really good plot summary: BBC GCSE Revision

For me, the plotline has gone a little fuzzy, mostly thanks to watching the film, with a slightly different plot. However, the summary above helped me figure out what was from the bok and what not… because I started imagining I had only seen bits in the film, when I had accually read them as well. Confusing.

I will add this to the Autumn reading list… or maybe the winter one, because there mightn’t be time to discuss all the books we already have…


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