Sisters Grimm Trailer

The trailer for the amazing Sisters Grimm Series by Michael Buckley.

Listen as Michael Buckley talks about his fantastic series.

P.S. The seventh and final book, Everafter War, Is OUT NOW!


2 thoughts on “Sisters Grimm Trailer

  1. cool! i am the first comment! Anyway i am going to tell you all i know about this book. The Sister Grimm MOVIE may be coming out next month. The author of this book said he is looking for someone to play the charecters [ i did not spell that word right but you know what i mean.] All i know is that Miley Cyrus [ Hannah Montana] is going to be Sabrina – okay i know all of you are going to say ewwwwwwww hannah montana is going to be Sabrina she is to pld to be her! Well before you could make your comments bout her i just want to agree with the peeps that HATE her! lol. So i know all of this bacuse i love the sister grimm books i read each one of them all i need is book 8. One more thing all three first bookso are going to be in the movie. And i guess maybe the #4,5,and 6 they are going to put together for sister grimm the movie part 2. that is so awsome! but firts i am going to see the movie the lightning thief Yo that movie rocks!!!!!!! Is has violence and everything!!!! Plus it is mad scary! ok then bye!

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