Secrets of the Fearless by Elizabeth Laird

This book tells the story of young John, twelve years old, who is forced to join the navy after him and his father are wrongfully accused of murder, and cheated out of their property.

John and Patrick, his father,  are posted on different ships, and do not know when they will see each other again…

After a few months on board the Fearless, John gets used to the strict routine of the Navy, and makes a few strong friends, especially with weak, secretive Kit, his fellow messmate.

John and his friends find out that all is not as it seems aboard Fearless, and are employed by the Captain to find out what the secret is. However, Kit is harbouring a secret that would make John look at his friend in a completely different way.

This brilliant book, set aboard English Navy ships, between 1807 and 1817, tells an epic adventure, filled with danger and mystery.

written by Elizabeth Laird.


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