Syren… Hidden Secrets!

A HUGE number of hidden secrets emerge in Septimus Heap: Syren… One of the first is discovered through subtle hinting: The Magyk world Septimus Heap lives in might not be a totally different universe… It may actually be OUR world, millions upon millions of years in the FUTURE!
This is hinted at when Septimus Heap and Syrah, a magykal girl introduced in Syren, encounter an elevator- non magykal- and Syrah says something to the effect of, “It came before Magyk… from the ancient world,” and Septimus says that he thought nothing still existed from the ancient world…

This puts a completely different spin on the whole series, and for me, changes the tone completely. I think I prefered to think of The Castle and The Port, and everywhere else as being off in a different Magykal world, not just our world in the very distant future. Angie Sage introduces this new idea seamlessly, without any fan-fare, so you don’t really pick up on how important and pivotal this revelation is.

However, much as i doon’t like this new idea, it does add a little Magyk to our own world… You can believe Magyk exists, it just hasn’t been discovered yet.

Still, I get a sort of sad, cold feeling when I think of all these books taking place in the future- it’s completely unexplainable- probably just me freaking out at having to change all my theories and ideas about the world they live in.

Anyway, the book is fantastic, and I will be posting a review once I’ve read it again.


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