Piratica II by Tanith Lee

Finally, I have some time to write up a review!

Piratica II opens with Art and Felix married. Art is not entirely happy with her new life as a celebrity, living in a grand cliff-top mansion, but she feels if Felix is happy, then she is…

When she is requested to join the Navy of Free England, to fight against the French and the Franco-Spanish, she agrees, much to Felix’s distaste. Thus is the beginning of many arguments, and the eventual leve of Felix Phoenix.

This is the second time Felix has abandoned the ship, and Art is confident he will return. However, she sends out a search party when she realises she does not want to be without him. Meanwhile, Felix comes to the same conclusion, and sets off to return to Art and the newly refurbished Unwelcome Stranger, provided by the Navy. However, he is attacked by Little Goldie girl in the tavern he is about to leave, and she accuses him of betraying her, and lying to her about being his sweetheart: all accusations somehow concocted from the conversations they had when they last met. Goldie drags him to her ship, where she informs her crew he will be tortured and killed.

When Art arrives at the Tavern, the bar tender tells them that she saw Felix and a beautiful woman leave the tavern together. She informs them that her English is not good, but she picked up the words “Sweetheart,” and “love,” and presumes the fair lady was Felix’s sweetheart.

Art leaves the tavern feeling betrayed, and she believes the woman the bar tender described to be a female sailor, Belladora Fan, who had just left the ship, and seemed to interest Phoenix. She sails away, disillusioned and hurt.

After much chaos, Phoenix is led to believe that Art is dead…

Brilliant book! It really lived up to the first. I’m currently waiting on the third to come into our library…


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