Midnight Sun…

Since Midnight Sun was illegally leaked, many copies of it have been sent around the web. Please, please respect the authors rights, and don’t send it on, if you receive it in an email. Stephenie Meyer has responded heroically to this scandal, by publishing the first chapter on her web page, stepheniemeyer.com. This is a rough draft, a sneak preview, but it is exceptionally good. I can’t wait until she publishes the full version!


Remember, always respect author’s, artist’s and musician’s rights by avoiding downloading copyrighted material illegally.


2 thoughts on “Midnight Sun…

  1. I didn’t even know about the book until I browsed her webpage. I have read Midnight Sun five or six times, it is soooo interesting. But I keep thinking that is it a good idea to write it? I mean I’d love to read it but then she’d be pressed to write the other three novels from Edward’s point of view and I don’t think she’d do that. What do you think?

    • Exactly what I was thinking… but if she was to write the whole saga from Edwards point of view, she would probably haveto incorporate New Moon with Eclipse, because there isn’t much happening in New Moon from Edwards point of view…
      What she could do would be to put the start of New Moon, when he leaves, at the end of Midnight sun, then start his version of eclipse with the end of New Moon. This way, he could still describe his turmoil with leaving Bella, but without it taking up a whole book.

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