Farid or Doria? From the Inkheart series

For those not in the know, both Farid and Doria are charaters inthe Inkheart series. Farid has been with Meggie since he was read out of Arabian Nights, and at the very end of the series, Meggie ends up falling in love with Doria, and leaves poor Farid. (M.)

 My friend, Grace, and I were talking about the whole “Meggie choosing Doria over Farid” thing that goes on at the end of the series: were you happy or disappointed ? We decided we were definitely disappointed. Even though Farid hasn’t been the nicest character, he does have redeeming qualities: firstly, he was dragged out of his world, into the real world- then he went back into the inkworld, but the one of Inkheart. His hero, Dustfinger, dies in his place- of course the guy’s going to be slightly messed up!

I really liked Doria, and at the end of Inkheart, I thought she made the right decision, but when I read back over it, I was unhappy for Farid. Through the whole series, he and e relationship has been building up- then suddenly, she prefers Doria. I think what would have been good would be if Meggie and Doria had been briefly in love, but then Farid returns, and Meggie falls back in love with him, then Doria finds another person, who he likes even more than Meggie… like what happened between Bella, Edward and Jacob in the Twilight Saga. 

Like I said, at the time, I was happy with Meggie’s decision, but when I reread the other books, I was disappointed that all the building up between Meggie and Farid came to nothing. The main reason was because I really like Farid, and felt sorry for him.

However, still a very good read.

What do you think? Should Farid have been forgiven for his misconduct? Do you think Doria deserves Meggie better? (personally, I like Doria, and thinks he deserves someone, just not Meggie. I feel the whole build-up with Farid was put to waste… but perhaps this makes the book more surprising or something.) 

Let us know what you think by posting your comments on this discussion!

P.S. Here are Farid and Doria’s profiles, from Wikipedia, along with a description of Meggie.

Farid – A teenaged boy who was read out of Arabian Nights by Mo in Inkheart, he has become Dustfinger’s devoted apprentice, and by the end of Inkspell, was nearly as proficient as his teacher. At the end of Inkspell  Basta  drove his knife into Farid’s back, thus killing him. He came back to life when Dustfinger traded his life for the boy who was like a son to him. Farid came to fall head over heels in love with Meggie during the events of Inkspell and is jealous of her love ( that seems stronger ) to Doria in Inkdeath. At the beginning of Inkdeath, he is serving Orpheus, in the hopes that the reader will find some way to return Dustfinger from death. Although not technically from the Inkworld or the Real World his first appearance is in the Real World where he did intend on staying before he followed Dustfinger back to the Inkworld. (actually, he is from the Inkworld- Just not Inkheart. He was plucked out of !00! Arabian Nights, remember? M.)

Doria– a 15-year-old spy for the Black Prince in Inkdeath who joined the robbers after they saved him and a friend from hanging. Fenoglio wrote a book about Doria’s future that was never published, in which it seems he marries a beautiful young woman from another world. Brother to the Strong Man. He falls deeply in love with Meggie and soon finds out that she returns those intimate feelings, (causing Farid jealousy), and always wants her to tell him about her world, whose inventions he hopes to imitate. (Sweet Kid,M.)

Meggie Folchart-– The 13-year-old book-loving protagonist. Not only she is able to read characters into the “real world,” Meggie can also bring in characters as well. She slowly begins to fall in love with Farid and in Inkspell it turns into a relationship. But in Inkdeath another boy named Doria begins to fall for Meggie and she soon falls in love with him as well. When Farid ignores Meggie in search of Dustfinger he breaks her heart and Doria was there to sew it up again. So in the end she chooses Doria over Farid. (I think this is a good description of what happens… but I still feel sorry for Farid! M.)

                              After reading and editing this again, I decided that if Meggi had left Doria to go back to Farid, I would probably be disappointed also. Perhaps a good conclusion to this drama would be if Farid had found someone else, instead of Doria finding another, and Meggi being back with Farid?

Would this end up making Meggi jealous though- it could mess poor Doria up if she went back to Farid because she was jealous… and would this keep continuing when Doria found someone? This could turn into some phsychotic cycle where she justs keeps bouncing back and forth between the boys, until they eventually refuse her.. then she’d be left all alone!

Sorry, thats probably a bit garbled- exactly why I didn’t put it in the main post. Just some personal feelings about the situation. Hopefully I can get Grace to say what she thinks soon…
Thanks for reading!

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31 thoughts on “Farid or Doria? From the Inkheart series

  1. I have to agree that I do like Doria, but why build on Farid and Meggie’s relationship so much and then just like that she chooses Doria. Personally I would have liked it if she would have stayed with both and kept a place in her heart for both.

    • That’s what I mean. Why does she build up our hope and let us expect Meggie + Farid to be together, and then just throw this away?
      Anyway, thanks for commenting, hope you like the blog!

    • I know what you mean!!! Farid and Meggie just had that spark for pretty much the whole series, and then Cornelia throws in Doria.

      Maybe Meggie and Co. should return to our world and bring Farid but leave Doria (it is his world.)

      And just the way Farid and Meggie kissed each other shows that, yes, Farid can be off with the fairies and Meggie may be rather obnoxious, but they are like:

      Boom va voom crackle sizzle sizzle…

      I absolutely hate bad endings. This is one. Cornelia should add another book where Doria and Meggie divorce and instead Doria hooks up with Brianna and Farid gets together with Meggie. Yay!!!

      • Yes yes I agree if Doria could just go off with Brianna that would be great or even better, I wish that Cornelia never put Doria in the story I hate him.

  2. I disagree. I think Doria is better and she made the right choice. Farid was off kissing different girls and Doria was with trying to cheer her up, talking to her, helping her and he will bring her flowers. Farid ignored her and when he was at the camp he ignored her and sometimes not come to see but her father so he can get Dustfinger back. Also remember the story about Doria. Also Farid got Mo to talk to the white women to bring Dustfinger back which lead to them taking him. All because he wanted Dustfinger back and didn’t care what happens to his girlfriend’s father.

    • Yes, I’m starting to think that she made the right choice, but I’m still adament that all the time spent bringing Farid and Meggie together was wasted: perhaps Doria should have joined the story earlier.

      • Yes I quess our right with that ,but I think she did that so you can see how much Farid was ignoring her and only cared about Dustfinger.

    • But Farid did regret when the white women took Mo away. Farid had said in the book that the maids are not beautiful as meggie which means that he thinks meggie is better.

  3. Farid > Doria

    I’m going to be honest. Half, if not most of the reason I liked the Inkheart series so much was the creativity, scenery and Farid/Meggie. Who else thought they’d be together in the end? I certainly did. And I most certainly did not expect Mr. Random to show up. (Doria) Don’t get me wrong, I think Doria has the potential to be a very good three dimensional and personality-filled character. But he just didn’t have it throughout that book. Doria showed up and Meggie thought he was attractive, but that’s all there is as far as what Meggie and Farid have.

    Lets get to the point.

    1. Farid knows what’s going on

    Farid knows all about what’s going on, he was taken out of A Thousand Arabian Nights on accident by Mo, and he has been living in the real world for a year or so with Dustfinger and I believe he stayed with Meggie at Elinor’s as well. Farid is one of very few people not from the inkworld who actually knows they’re in a book, and not real life. And he is perfectly okay with that, but who knows how Doria would feel or even if he’d believe that he is just made of ink and nothing more. That’s why Dustfinger didn’t tell his own wife where he’d really been because she’d never believe him. Farid doesn’t give a crud obviously. Now sure, we can sit here and assume Meggie might or might not tell him. Perhaps she would bring him to the real world once Fenoglio stops being lazy, but perhaps she won’t, but the fact is, she won’t have to beat around the bush with Farid about her other life she was born in because he already knows.

    2. Farid knows how it feels to lose someone

    Now you might all say well so does Doria, (Luc his best friend) and Susa, his little sister. But first of all, Luc and him, we didn’t see any of that, their bond because Luc, as far as I recall, worked for the Snapper, and we don‘t see much for Susa and him either. We just heard about him protecting her, or tried to before she died. Farid and Meggie however, had both lost someone they found themselves extremely attached to and we’ve all read the bond. Meggie had Mo all her life, and when she lost him, she was devastated. When Farid lost Dustfinger, the man he thinks of as a father, and would go as far as death to protect, he too was devastated. It’s these similarities that should bring two closer, not apart as it ended up. This only should mean they could understand each other on that personal emotional level as well as attraction and mutual understanding. Instead, it was used as a way to break them up.

    3. Farid wasn’t treated fairly

    Why is it, that when Meggie lost her father, she had every right to be mad at Farid and Resa because she lost the one man she felt closest to, and yet Farid isn’t allowed to feel grief for Dustfinger and want nothing more in the world at that time than for his return? Farid had to go through a hard time basically half that book. He was forced to work for Orpheus, being beaten for disobedience, and digging up treasures for him all so he could try and make sure that Orpheus helped Dustfinger to come back. And all the while Brianna and Roxanne tell him how he shouldn’t have died for Farid, and that Farid was the devil and Dustfinger’s black omen. Think of it this way. If Meggie had been in Farid’s shoes and at the time she’d lost her father, who do you think she’d go to first? Visit her fathers grave all the while praying that he’ll return, or Farid? I’d say her dad. Not because she wouldn’t miss Farid, but because her father is more important to her, and Dustfinger to Farid. On top of that, now Meggie is developing this random attraction and love for some guy named Doria. It’s not that Farid didn’t care about Meggie, he just cares for Dustfinger more. And why is that a problem? Meggie obviously cares for Mo more than both Resa and Farid, so why is that okay? She was prepared to go back to the real world with or without Farid as long as her father came, just as Farid would be prepared to stay in the inkworld with or without Meggie as long as Dustfinger’s there. there is no difference. They both put family, (or in Farid case, who he considers family), first and there is nothing wrong with that. However, they try to make it seem like Farid is a jerk for not going to see Meggie. But what is that I recall? “I’ve been wanting to come and see you so often, but Orpheus just wouldn’t let me go out!”
    It says he had lost himself in his words because he had eyes only for the blue jay, but he has grown fond of Mo for being the blue jay. It’s a “celebrity” fondness thing, it happens. It doesn’t mean he was lying. He strokes meggie’s back and he does little things to show his affection, but you all have to know Farid wasn’t from a world like hers, or the one they’re in now. He was a young bandit, raised by murderers and thieves and probably never loved anyone before until Meggie. It’s natural that they’d both be a bit awkward with each other, but that’s how a relationship could grow. The older you get, you grow as a person. Meggie and Doria seem false because Doria already has this grown-up exposition about him, like he really has no flaws about him, therefore neither him nor Meggie go through it together like she did with Farid. Meggie thinks she’s grown, but she does and sometimes says things that contradict it. With her grudges and everything. She is the same age as Farid, and they seem more suited than Doria, who all we know about him are things that were thrown in there (he has a best friend named Luc, his brother is the strong man, he has two stiff fingers, he lost his sister susa to his drunk father, and he makes crafts and stuff. And apparently he is from an unpublished story in Fenoglio’s drawer, which to me makes no sense.

    4. Meggie’s “love” for Doria is puzzling and unsystematic

    I believed for one, that Doria would be someone who Meggie could be able to fall back on if Farid and her believable grew apart. Or was used as someone to make Farid jealous and understand his feelings for Meggie once and for all and that he’ll lose her if he doesn’t do something. Not someone who’d take farid’s place in the end. Doria came in about 165 pages into the last book, while farid’s been around since the end of Inkheart. Farid and Meggie had an entire book to develop and grow to love each other (Inkspell) and then in the third one, 165 pages in, some guy name Doria shows up and she begins to fall for him…why? Because he likes to hear her stories of her other world? Because Fenoglio said he would be handsomer when he grew up? Because he has an unnamed wife? Because he just so happened to be around when Farid isn’t? which Farid actually was there eventually when he was. To flesh out a relationship like that throughout an entire book only to tear it apart in the last one was completely unnecessary, and ultimately, them being together in the second book was obviously just a plan for Meggie to have a first love before Doria. If that was the case (and I bet it was) , Doria should have been introduced before the third book so he wouldn‘t just pop up and everyone would know that Meggie may have another potential love interest. Brianna seemed like the obvious choice that Farid would go with if Meggie left because she‘s Dustfinger’s daughter, so why didn‘t Meggie have Doria in book two? If nothing more, just someone she talked to occasionally and we knew a few things about and then in book three, he becomes more prominent when Meggie is missing Farid. If that was the case, I would definitely find them more believable. That, and if they had more time together. The whole time with Doria and the problem here is, Meggie is fighting her feelings for two people and isn’t certain. When she had only Farid, she didn’t stress like she did in this book. Half the time she was wondering who she likes better, Farid or Doria. we know nothing about and have no real reason to believe she’s best suited for him. The conversations they do have, half the time we either don’t personally read it and just see Meggie’s reaction, or it’s about if she’s okay or something similar to it. Doria had brought her some of the wild boar that was roasting over the fire. It looked like a particularly good piece of meat. The boy whispered something to her. Was it his imagination, or had a rosy flush just risen to his daughters face? Nothing that reflects that they even have anything to go on to start a real relationship other than he’s attractive, and he’s there and her age. Basically, it’s the other characters that see the reactions and say feelings on their behalf, but we never really see it from them personally.

    Mo hopes that Doria doesn’t give Meggie as much grief as Farid, but what exactly had Farid done to really give her grief? Not see her for a week or so? It’s understandable isn’t it? He’s working to bring Orpheus back, he doesn’t have all the time in the world to sneak off to see her. And anyhow, he was in her presence finally and she continuously thought about her love for him, and then toward the end, she became indecisive because of Doria.
    “One of the moths settled on her hand, shining on her finger like a ring. This Doria has a wife who is said to come from a distant land, and she often gives him ideas in the first place. Yes. That really was strange. So basically, Doria and Meggie are only together because Fenoglio’s’ unpublished story left a lot of things up to the reader or whatever. Doria jumped into Inkheart, and created the story Fenoglio had in his drawer with Meggie. Doria was written to love Meggie. It didn’t start out that way, but obviously Fenoglio’s creations jump from his mind to Inkheart, and so did Doria. And Doria creates a printing machine for a famous bookbinder and the only famous bookbinder is Mo since the other guy got his hand chopped, and the only girl around who gives him ideas is Meggie. Farid and Meggie loved each other without words to coax it. Real love doesn’t just pop out of nowhere. It is grown into. That didn’t happen with Doria and her. They just “were.” And they just were because each time Farid and Meggie may have had moments to rekindle their relationship, the author puts some barrier in the way to prevent it. Farid took Meggie’s arm. “Battista says we out to get the children into the top nests. Will you help me?” Right here for example. He’s asking for her help, even though he probably doesn’t need it. He wants to spend time with her that they didn’t get to really have lately. Of course she nodded-she still liked him far too much-but Fenoglio held her back. “Meggie stays here. I might need her.” an interference. Farid has a strong heart as does Meggie. I like them together because they make a powerful, go-getter pair. “We don’t need your words!” said the boy. “I’ll send fire raining down on them if they try to climb up!” in the end, Farid left alone. Farid led Despina and Ivo away with him. The other children followed. Which just proves he didn’t need help, he just wanted Meggie’s company. Even more than halfway through the book, she is still indecisive and mentions Farid first. Every scream reminded Meggie of the battle in the forest in which Farid had died. But this time she feared for two boys, not one. Her eyes didn’t know who to look for first, Farid or Doria. Black hair or brown. then later: She didn’t know whom to worry about first: Fenoglio and the black prince; Farid, who had followed the giant with Battista; or Doria, who had climbed down again to find out if the milksop had really left.
    Like Farid, she mentions Mo first like he’d mention Dustfinger first.
    Dream that everything will be alright. That they’ll all come back safe and sound: Mo, Resa, Fenoglio, the black prince, Farid-and Doria.
    She had said many times how her love for him was diminishing, but then:
    Even Farid came and held her hand while she held Doria’s and for the first time, Meggie felt as close to him as she had when the two of them followed her captured parents with Dustfinger. Can one heart love two boys at once?
    Meggie ended up going with Farid although at first she was reluctant to let go of Doria’s hand. “Come on Meggie, lets ask the fire.” said Farid. Again, he doesn’t need her help, he wants her around though. Farid took Meggie’s hand, and Battista uttered a soft curse. Their was a part they were also going to go on another adventure together to find Mo and Dustfinger, but the distraction was the White Women, which ended up preventing it. An adventure with Farid and Meggie again would have most likely rekindled their relationship and that’s why the author stopped it. Which is why I can’t believe in Doria and Meggie. If Farid and her really weren’t meant to be together, them ending up spending half the time together as they had in the previous book wouldn’t be a problem. If she was really in love with Doria, then her feelings for Farid should have openly evaporated. They should have gone on that journey, or had some kind of few chapters together where Meggie finally comes to terms with her new feelings, lets Farid in on it and finally let him go. Also, knowing Farid’s reaction to it too would have helped.

    5. Because Meggie is wrong.

    She insists upon herself that Farid doesn’t care about anyone but Dustfinger, but he has shown on more than one occasion that that isn’t true. He obviously cares for Meggie, and when he sees what happened to mo, he is outraged. I highly doubt he would have convinced mo to do what he did if he knew mo would die. “What have you done?” he had seized Orpheus by his fine clothes and hammered at the mans chest with his fists. “you filthy liar!” Farid had cried, sobbing. “you double tongued snake! Why didn’t you ask them anything? You were never going to ask them anything were you? You just wanted them to take silvertongue! Ask him! Ask him what else he wrote! He didn’t just write the words he promised silvertongue, there was a second sheet, too! He thinks I don’t know what he gets up to because I can’t read-but I can count. There were two sheets-and his glass man says he was reading out loud last night.”
    I can see this is him being upset about him not bringing Dustfinger back, but this can also be used to him being upset that he’d done what he’d done thinking Orpheus wouldn’t bring harm to Mo, and instead he ended up killing him. And all the times he showed clear jealousy and resentment toward Doria? Meggie acted horrible as if Farid purposely wanted her father to die in replacement for Dustfinger.
    “No I’ll ride with Doria.” she said. Doria brought his horse to her side. Farid gave the other boy a scowl when he lifted up Meggie behind him. “And why are you still here?” Meggie snapped at him. “Still hoping to see Dustfinger suddenly materialize in front of you? He wont come back, anymore than my father will-but I’m sure Orpheus will take you in again, after all you’ve done for him!” Farid flinched like a beaten dog at every word. Then he turned in silence and went to his donkey. He called for the marten, but jink didn’t come and Farid rode away without him. Meggie didn’t watch him go.
    Farid felt awful about it, he may not have expressed it in that scene, except subtly, but he was both shocked and hurt at Meggies words. She firmly believed her dad was lost to her forever, and claimed Dustfinger was food for the ground as well. However, they both ended up coming back no harm done, so her anger at Farid is no longer, and never was justified. If he’d thought Mo would die, he wouldn’t have done it. He tried to call the White Women himself. Now if he thought he’d die, why would he do it? Didn’t Orpheus claim he tried too or something? He certainly wouldn’t want to die trying to call them, so how could Farid have known? He didn’t and it was wrong of Meggie to accuse him of it. If anyone deserves to be snapped at it’s her mom. Which she did, but she went all out on Farid, so unfair.

    “Meggie!” Farid made his way through the women and children. “Where’s silvertongue?” “With my mother,” she replied-and was surprised to find that her heart beat no faster than usual at the sight of him. When had that changed? Yeah, when HAD that changed? when she had said nothing against how she felt the same way about him as she had in the last book in this book? (Even Farid came and held her hand while she held Doria’s and for the first time, Meggie felt as close to him as she had when the two of them followed her captured parents with Dustfinger. Can one heart love two boys at once? )

    And poor Farid, he still thinks she wants to be with him, yet she hadn’t told him this entire time. “Where to?” Farid made a fiery flower grow between his fingers and placed it on meggies dress. “Oh I think I’ll just stroll from village to village the way Dustfinger used to.”

    -Farid abruptly fell silent, and looked at the other boy in the same way as he so often looked at Roxanne.

    -“Doria! How are you?” Meggie involuntarily put out her hand and caressed the scar on his forehead. Farid gave her a strange look.

    -Farid was still looking at her. Then he abruptly took her hand. “Excuse us,” he told Doria, and led Meggie in to the nearest doorway. “does silvertongue know how you look at him?”
    “Look at who?”
    “Who!” he passed his finger over his forehead as if tracing Doria’s scar. “Listen,” he said, stroking her hair back. “Why don’t you come with me? We could go from village to village together. The way we did when we and Dustfinger were following your mother and father. Do you remember?”

    -“I’m sorry, Farid.” she said, gently removing his hand from her shoulder. “but I don’t want to leave.”
    “Why not?” he tried to kiss her, but Meggie turned her face away. Even though she felt tears coming to her eyes. Do you remember? “I wish you luck,” she said, kissing him on the cheek. He still had the most beautiful eyes of any boy she’d ever seen. But now her heart beat so much faster for someone else.

    That part made me cry and annoyed. I’m just extremely despondent about it now.

    6. Because people can change.

    There is an argument that Meggie and Farid couldn’t work because Farid is a free spirit, and would be unable to settle down with just one girl. Now I disagree with that completely. A free spirit is an individualist, a nonconformist. But that doesn’t mean they are unable to love one person only forever. Even when Farid cheated by kissing the other girl he thought nothing of it. He hardly found her attractive, doesn’t even know her name, or care to remember it, and he only did it because she gave him food when Orpheus made him go without. It was his way, I suppose, of showing his appreciation, he knew she liked him, but he doesn’t like her back. While him kissing her at all wasn’t appropriate, it’s not as if he felt anything for her, or wants to float about with other woman. Otherwise, why didn’t he go around with all the other girls he claims have their eyes on him? Because despite what he did, he does have strong feelings for Meggie. He really does.

    Yes, his loyalty to Dustfinger is unwavering, but again, that’s like a father to him, he loves Dustfinger more, yes. Meggie loves Mo more, yes. Their in the same boat on that one. Farid and Meggie, we all have to remember, are only fifteen years old. They’re not yet adults, and they have some ways before they think about kids, and having a family, and marriage. Just because people act as they do at a younger age, doesn’t mean they’ll be like that all their life. Who knows what Dustfinger may have been like. His and Farid’s personality seem similar. Wasn’t he a wanderer too? He doesn’t live in a tent. And did he not settle down and have kids with Roxanne? Look at him now. Dustfinger and Roxanne love each other very much, and it shows each time they have their moments. Farid is a free spirit yes, and Meggie is somewhat the same way, but she is also a worry wart and Farid is hopeful and confident. They can balance each other out. I can’t say much for Doria because we know nothing useful about him. And I can’t stress that enough.

    7. Because Meggie and Farid just fit.

    Meggie and Farid should be together because she dreams of him. She whispered a name in her sleep. “Farid.” was it when you fell in love for the first time that you grew up? Meggie and Farid belong because she and him express actual feelings when it comes to the both of them. Doria never is actually around to express any kind of “love” for Meggie. The strong man just says he’s never seen his brother look at a woman as he did at Meggie. Brianna. Why would Meggie want to see her? Because they were almost the same age? …so Brianna had come home to help Roxanne in the fields at first, but now she was working for Orpheus. Just like Farid. Her jealousy is clear, as well as her insecurity toward Brianna and being around Farid.
    Brianna was beautiful, very beautiful. So beautiful that beside her, Meggie felt like a duck next to a swan. To make it worse, Brianna was Dustfinger’s daughter. “So? I don’t even speak to her.” Farid had said when Meggie asked about her. “she hates me, just like her mother.” I know it might seem that with Brianna and Dustfinger as father and daughter that it’s obvious Farid would be with her. To be honest, I thought he and Brianna would be together if Meggie ended up going back to the real world. But then I saw how Brianna treated him and those feelings never showed to change despite the fact that she helped save him. Brianna is in love with a dead man, and Farid loves Meggie. Farid is also jealous, which shows he does have strong feelings for Meggie, even though he’s obviously still awkward and clueless in some cases about it. “Meggie?“ Doria sat down in the wet grass beside her. His hair was wavy from the rain. “Are you riding to Ombra, too?“ She nodded. Farid glanced at them. this isn’t a lack of interest. This is an obvious interest. He is watching Meggie and Doria to see their interaction and see whether she might or might not feel something for Doria. Farid was still watching them, but Meggie ignored him. She ignored him. Which means she wasn’t unaware of him looking. In fact, she was quite conscious of it. To kiss Doria on the cheek in front of Farid? I’d say that’s a small bit of payback for him being so distant lately. Payback especially for someone who still has feelings for the man being a little too distant from you. Mind, she also has a crush on Doria so it could also be half of her feelings for him triggering that cheek kiss. She planted a kiss on doria’s cheek. “thank you!” she said, quickly getting to her feet.
    Then later;
    Farid looked at the tent where Meggie slept. He thought he could hear her crying, but he dared not go to her. She hadn’t yet forgiven him for persuading her father to do that deal with Orpheus and Doria was outside her tent. He was to be found near Meggie a good deal too often for farid’s liking, but luckily he appeared to understand as little about girls as his strong brother. Farid just explains in his own thoughts why even though he was around, he didn’t go near Meggie. After the things she said, and that anger she had for him for what he did? I wouldn’t try and talk to her just then either. He would have gone to her tent if he knew she wasn’t mad at him I can almost guarantee it, but she was and he didn’t want her to yell at him on top of it all. That’s perfectly understandable. And he thinks of Meggie each time it’s his POV, and Meggie always thought of him too. She just recently began thinking of both Doria and Farid. “Meggie, the woman with the loud voice is looking for you.” the robbers had many names for Elinor. Meggie couldn’t help smiling, but Farid cast a none-too-friendly glance at Doria. He carefully put the ashes back into his bag and rose to his feet. “I’ll be with Roxanne,” he said, kissing Meggie on the mouth. He hadn’t done that for weeks. Then he pushed past Doria and strode away without looking back once. Obvious derisiveness, especially when he pushed past Doria. To me, it seems Farid is confused and jealous about how things are turning out. I think he’s a bit naïve to be honest, which is understandable since, as I‘ve said before, he likely hasn‘t had too much experience with girls and their emotions, especially with his own emotions this way. That’s why when he sees Doria and Meggie together, he’s uncomfortable with that and shows it in his actions. Kissing Meggie on the mouth in front of Doria, he’s silently telling Doria that he and Meggie are together, and well, back off.
    I do not think Doria and her’s love is real. I think she just has a crush on him, and finds him kind for being there when she needed someone. She couldn’t possibly be in love with him like she was Farid. Doria is just a third string character that should have been a possible love interest, not her love interest. Meggie keeps saying how she doesn’t think of Farid as often as she used to, but why is it that when it’s not Mo, it’s him she thinks about? And then Doria? “Meggie?” she closed the book guiltily, as if every word in it were a secret. How stupid of her. This book didn’t know anything about all her fears, it knew nothing of the blue jay, nor even of Farid…
    Farid is, once Meggie is no longer mad at him, trying to get back into her good side and be there with her, but by now, even though she pushed him away, she likes Doria, and not so much Farid.
    “Dustfinger gave me something else to bring back here.” he glanced at the book on her lap as if it were a snake, but then he kneeled down beside her and took from his belt the soot blackened bag that his fingers had been caressing while he delivered his news to the prince. “He gave it to me for Roxanne.” said Farid quietly. As he sprinkled a fine circle of ashes on the rocky ground. “But you looked really upset, so…” he didn’t finished his sentence. Instead he whispered words that only he and Dustfinger understood–and the fire suddenly licked up from the ashes as if it had been sleeping there…
    Farid and Meggie seem to match each other. They’re both strong, independent characters who can take care of themselves and feel they also must protect the ones they love (Mo, and Dustfinger) they have too much in common for them not to be. “You can’t force them!” Farid had muttered in annoyance as he put the ashes back into his bag. “the flames like to play, so you have to pretend you don’t really want anything from them. But how am I supposed to do that when you’re staring at them as if it were a matter of life and death?”
    “Thank you,” she had said to Farid afterward, her voice cool. “But I’d rather go on listening to my own heart. It usually tells me whether he’s all right.” “There, isn’t that just what I told Dustfinger?” Farid had said, annoyed. “So why did he send me to her. She doesn’t need me. She’d bewitch me away if she could.” Farid is still giving her attention, although subtly as he’s always done. it’s no different. “Why is the bear howling like that?” Meggie felt Farid’s hands on her shoulders. She supposed he had been off in some place where the children couldn’t find him, to try conjuring up fire again, but judging by his glum face the flames had refused to show anything. So Farid is worried about Dustfinger. Understandable, he just got him back and he wants to protect him as he did time and time again, but he is worried that he’ll cause his death once more. That’s a lot of stuff to have in your mind for a fifteen year old. Yet again, Meggie shows a lack of interest in how he’s feeling, but expects everyone to feel sorry for her when she loses Mo. That’s what I dislike. She looked across the cave at her daughter. Meggie was sleeping beside Farid, but Doria slept only a little farther off, his face turned toward her. Why is she sleeping beside Farid if she loves Doria then? If her feelings for him really are diminishing, she should show it and blow him off more often, or straight up tell him so, instead of waiting until the last page of the book (literally) before announcing she doesn’t want him anymore. “Well that boy, you know who I mean-the one who keeps looking at you and brings you flowers and turns Farid green with jealousy. Doria…” And the end, when she rejects his kiss, signifying the end of them, I just don’t think Doria and her fit like Farid and her. So do we assume Farid took their break up okay? Or what? Guess we’ll never know.

  4. I still think that she should have stayed with Farid! after the whole of the first book and then the second book and then the third falling in love with each other and then she just deserts him!!! I mean it was a bit of a terrible ending from an anti-climax like that (which lasted almost three books! 😦 so I choose Farid because he was nice and genuinely liked her….. *sigh*

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  6. So why is megie so angry at farid? Because he is so desperate to have dustfinger his father figure back. Well I’m pretty sure that if that never happened at the end of Inkspell and farid was the dead one, megie would be so depressed about the love of her life dead that she probably would of begged mo herself to summon the white women, do it is highly hypocritical of her. Also, if mo had died, im sure she would force dustfinger to save her father and if he was taken, im sure farid would not have been angry at her in the way she was with him so the whole ‘trigger’ for the end of their relationship is total hypocracy. Doria should of just,stayed as the character to make farid jealous and realise how important meggie is to him, which worked until cornelia funke took the,relationship between the two that could never work too far. I think doria should of died when he had,his head injury. That woulf of been good as so many characters in the novel supposivley die multiple times. So a real death would of been a true good end with a tragedy but a minor one at that, clearing the way for the main characters.it is doria hi,self who puts the idea in meggies head to question her and farid. When he comes over and mwggie and farid are in the tent and farid leaves but first,kisses mwggie. He commentson how she didnt kiss him back and how that was a good thing. The medaling shit. He knew they were an item even if it was a bit rocky of current but he still flirts with meggie and tries to get in. some friend of,farid, because thats what they were before he even messed with meggies mind. Why would she choose a path that,is already laid out for her with doria? Thats just unoriginal funke.

  7. Meggie never deserved farid. She’s whiny, spoilt and all she cares about is herself… And her dad. Farid is just amazing and he should of been the one to leave her. Farid is and always will be wayyyyy to good for her. Maybe she realised that and settled for less-doria.

  8. I think they were awesome together! I hated the ending!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so angry. I think they should make another book and they get back together. If she was gonna break his heart like that then i think Farid should have someone too! Plus I think if Mo died maggie would do the same thing!! Im just quite franckly mad at the ending. I know he kissed another girl but it was because he was hungry and needed some food, he might have not survived if he didnt eat anything! I dont like Doria at all nor the fact that Maggie and him got married! So all in all i liked the books but not that ending. I guess thats why they call it inkDEATH because their was death of relationships 😦

  9. I forgot to mention that i was also mad that they start building up this great relationship and just let it crumble into nothing at the end. -_- plus i think maggie should have given him a second chance i mean what kind of relationship just ends when something goes wrong if you really love eachother you should be able to patch it back up. But i guess when such young people are together they just dont know how to handle it. But im really sad they broke up. 😦

  10. OMG!!!!!!!! I HATED the ending. I was super mad! I loved Farid+Meggie. Doria is so stupid. Plus, Doria was only in the last 200 pages. Farid was in what, almost all the pages? I hate the ending. Meggie+Farid=<3

  11. I’ve always loved Farid and wanted them to end up together, and I can understand why they broke up, I guess things weren’t working. But I felt like she was just thrown in with Doria to tie up loose ends? Why couldn’t she return to the real world, with her family? She’s really young, she doesn’t need someone so soon, and I think i’d be more poetic her leaving Farid behind because she belongs in one world and he in the other, rather than her just randomly picking Doria because he’s easy on the eyes and always at her beck and call. (btw, give Farid some grieving time, gosh. The poor boy’s 15 and lost his dad… he’s not going to be at her door every single day…she’s so needy!) I get that not all young love lasts, and it is sort of realistic her not ending up with her first love…. but… I felt like the writer noticed “oh hey, Farid’s going to want to be with dustfinger, or travelling, and Meggie wants to be with Mo… so they can’t ALL live together… my bad, take back the first two books, let’s create a guy that will fit right into her family, and let’s make Farid a tiny bit of a jerk for a while, so Meggie isn’t too in love with him…. and ta dah! Happy Ending!”

    ALSO, there’s a part where Mo was like “oh shes fallen in love with the wrong boy” or something, really early on. I remember thinking “How is he the wrong boy again? Cause he’s been a bit busy? Oh yeah, he’s practically the new basta, that one, he’s so bad…”

    So yes, although Doria sounded all interesting with the inventions, and it was an okay ending, I didn’t feel she did Farid justice, or Meggie justice, or the story justice, by ending it so haphazardly like that.

  12. I think this romance part is weird.How many people fall in love at the age of 13 and 15?How will they even know it’s love ,and not a crush?
    Also, I think what Anna says is right.Doria only appeared in the middle of the last book. There isn’t enough time for Doria and Meggie to develop their feelings.Besides, the part where Doria’s story is to marry a beautiful girl from another world (Meggie) makes me think that Doria is like a robot.He is programmed to love Meggie and their love is planned.On the other hand, Farid and Meggie’s love is more of a free spirit.They argue with each other,they fight with each other…these things just make their relationship grow stronger.Why do royalties always divorce?Because most of the times their relationship is too perfect.They don’t fight with each other ,they don’t argue…all because they have to make it picture perfect for the cameras.
    Farid & Meggie all the way!

  13. I hated the ending at first. Was extremely sad
    😦 I was soooo sure they were gonna get married and live happily ever after….
    But then I went back and read the details. Apparently he was kissing these maids and he cared only about Dustfinger.
    So… Idk. But I was kinda upset with Cornelia Funke. Why did she have to make Farid seem so bad:(

  14. I like Doria, but I think she would have been better off with Farid. Yes, he did kiss other girls, but just because he missed Meggie. Their relationship was amazing, and then suddenly Farid just wasn’t good enough for her. Honestly, I think that was rather selfish of her. (Poor, amazing Farid…)

  15. Wow I’m so happy I found this blog. I have mixed feeling about this book, I love Farid from the start and I hoped that he and Meggie stays together. But after reading I was suprised how much I liked Doria (what a beautiful name). Still, I liked it better if Meggie choose Farid, but I’m not disappointed or angry at writer.

  16. I am, for one, happy that Meggie chose Doria. He expressed his love more often for her while Farid drove himself crazy worrying about our Fire Eating Friend. Farid has given his allegiance to Dustfinger and Doria’s has been given to the Bluejay (Meggies father) and the Black Prince. All throughout the books we have seen Meggie’s love for her father. There is no way she would ever leave him to his own devices if it were up to her. The obvious choice had to be Doria because if ever Dustfinger decided to go away, FAR, away then Farid would be at his side no doubt, leaving our poor heroine alone for who knows how long. That kind of relationship could have easily turned into a Dustfinger/ Roxane thing and who wants a repeat story anyway?This is not saying I don’t like Farid! He is an amazing fire-eater and he does care for Meggie to some extent, and yes they were together the entire series and I have grown to love him as much as Meggie and Mo and Elinor. He’s fearless as well, a great quality in a guy! Farid is a great character, no doubt, however, have you all forgotten that he kissed another girl in Inkdeath? Remember the “not as pretty as Meggie” maid of Orpheus who brought him food after Oss stole his? Rememeber “He had kissed her a few times in the kitchen for that”? TRECHEROUS! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read that! Read the description in the front of Inkdeath of Farid. It may not be expressed in the book that way but it says Farid is “fond of Meggie” and Doria is “in love with Meggie” and who knows their hearts better than Cornelia? Yes I think Doria best suits our heroine!

  17. Meggie was just a kid when she fell in love with Farid. Of course she was going to change, teenage love doesn’t usually last forever, and often changes really fast – to me, it was credible that she changed her love interest pretty rapidly. Plus, Farid treated her badly – didn’t visit, cared more about Dustfinger then her (and this whole Farid – Dustfinger relationship was to me a bit creepy). And he seemed really stupid. I was happy when she finally dumped him and chose the intelligent Doria.

  18. Actually at the start until Farid sold Mo to Orpheus I’m slowly disliking his character and I can actually understand Meggie’s disappointment with him. More so, when I read to the part of him kissing the kitchen maids without Meggie’s knowledge. It doesn’t matter if he finds Meggie more beautiful than them or something but the fact that he did it it’s so disappointing. So the moment that Doria turned up, I was cheering him on. Meggie went through a lot too and she really need someone to take care of her, be there for her and not someone who just need another thing for her to understand. Yes, Dustfinger is like his father and yes he’s really important to him but Mo is important to Meggie too. And he knows the risks beforehand but his grief made him blind and selfish. So yeah, too bad they didn’t end up together after the build up and I wish Cornelia Funke introduced Doria as early as Inkspell or from the beginning of Inkdeath because I really like his character. I wasn’t disappointed in the least, I was happy Meggie ended up with Doria. I saw it as a win-win situation to all of them. Farid got Dustfinger back and Meggie got someone who will be there for her always.

    • And I found this interview with Cornelia Funke, one question was about this matter:

      Inkheart24 asks: Why did you decide not to let Maggie and Farid end up together?

      Because I wanted Meggie to find someone who truly loves just her. Farid never did. He is not ready yet to stay at one place and to love just one person. He has as restless a heart as Dustfinger. That’s why he loves him so much.

      So there you go.


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