New Moon: W O W

Ok, so technically not completely relevant to bookheaven- though the book is one of my favourites- I had to write about the film, and I think the title spelled it all out. W.O.W.

I own and love the soundtrack, but missed some of my favourite songs while watching the film. (will have to re-watch it).

–Maeve XxX


2 thoughts on “New Moon: W O W

  1. Saw the film last night, it was awesome. I missed many parts of the book but that’s how they do it in films. But I totally agree with a reviwer who said that Alice’s dresses were ugly. Yes, they were. And her vision of Bella is just too much, it was like the teenager version of Pride and Prejudice 🙂
    But on the whole the film is great, and I’m so looking forward to watch it again.
    And I agree with you on the soundtrack, it’s cool. (Pity that the song from Muse was very short)

    • Alice’s vision of Bella and Edward- OMG! I just burst out laughing! That scene isn’t in Breaking Dawn… In no part of that are Bella and Edward frolicking around in the wood- and in that clip they definately weren’t hunting… Everyone I’ve talked to said they laughed at this part.

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