Search Terms

I knew the lable rantarooney would come in handy!

I was flicking through the stats for the site and found a search term

“what happens at the end of the series pi…”

See the search term thingy cuts search terms off after a certain number of characters, and it cut whatever seies this was in half. If you searched for this site using this search term, please tell us what the full term is! Please!

See, I like to read the search terms to see what people are interested in reading, then I write more of that. So I’d like to know what this series is, so I can read about it!… Oh, wait… OK.

I’m figuring it’s probably Piratica? Now I feel a bit dumb.

That was like a little lightbulb just switching on over my head.

Sorry for the rantarooney, but it seems a shame not to post it after all that typing…



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