The Sisters Grimm…Unfindable

I really want the seventh book, yet, like the rest of it’s series, are completely unavailable in bookshops! Their like the Haut Couture (sorry for the terrible spelling) of books, and you have to search for them in every tiny nook and crannie if you’re ever to find them! I’ve never bought them myself, always gotten them as gifts, and it seems to me they’re only available in one shop in the whole country!

Why are these “kids” book so amazing, though? They are meant for kids under 12, or something, after all. I think it’s probably the edge of disturbing darkness in them that makes them so un-put-down-able (love that word).

But then again, I’ve been known to like “immature” books… when I handed the Magyk books up for a book report, I was given a surprised, “aren’t these kids’ books?” glance.

Anyway, maybe it is the unfindable thing that makes you want these books… the whole, if you can’t have it, you’re going to want it even more thing that always happens when you reach the end of a bar of chocolate.

Sorry this post’s a bit random and mad, but it’s probably because I’ve been holed up indside for the last seven days… plus I felt a bit guilty over the whole not updating thing, so I said why not post a little rantarooney… accually, I might just make that a category- I also love that word.

XxX Maeve de Mouse


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