Christmas Wishlist!!!

Here’s a full and complete list of Christmas Goodies, both bookish and non-bookish…

Top Books:

The Goddess Experience by Gisèle Scanlon

front book

Full of yummy scrummyness. See

Shoes by Linda O’Keefe


Every shoe that ever walked the earth is here. To have a preview inside this book, click here.

Horrible Histories

Basically any book from this series. Horribly gory, but gruesomely fun (for some).

The Dangerous Book For Boys by Conn and Hal Iggulden


Some people think the novelty would wear off.. but it hasn’t. I love this book.

See for some cool activities, and watch the trailer below.

The Miles Kelly Book Of Lists by Christopher Rigby

The Miles Kelly Book Of Lists, Christopher Rigby, 184236622X

Filled with lists of stuff you really didn’t need to know. To browse inside this book, click here.

Of course, there are going to be people who just won’t appreciate a book the way you do. Or, they might have every book under the sun, and so need a non-bookish goody. Here are the best.

Lush Cosmetics

For someone who has never been to a Lush branch, you have not lived. This is the kind of shop you fall into and practically melt into a gooey heap of Lush-usness. I mean, even listen to their names.Below is there selection of Bath Ballistics…

See? Drool worthy. And here’s a cute little bath bomb from the retro range, made with different scents from war-torn areas of the world.

 World Peace Bath Ballistic

Anyway, they don’t have an Irish website, so go to if you’re over here. To find your national Lush website, if you’re outside of Ireland, go to

Oh, and if you love their retro collection, click here for their retro Christmas Treats!

Steiner/Waldorf Style Doll Making Kit


Cute. See here for the kit, or if you are an allready adept doll maker, and just want a few pieces of equipment, click here.

Well, hoped you enjoyed that mental wish-list-ing, hope I gave you some ideas, Happy Christmas!


2 thoughts on “Christmas Wishlist!!!

  1. I’ve never heard of the Lush cosmetics but I went to the website and I found the Hungarian online store! There are a lot of really good stuff, maybe I’m adding this to my Xmas wishlist 😀

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