Learning Clair de Lune- free sheet music and video

Learning this piece now- see, this would be perfect when played along with the Moonlight Sonata (Beethoven) in a small little cabin, on a baby grand, in a beautiful caravel …  (sorry, a bit ship-mad!)

For all you Twilight-mad fans, you probably allready love it. For you who aren’t sure about that connection- it’s one of  Bella and Edward’s favourite songs. Personaaly, I prefer the Moonlight Sonata a bit better, but I still love this. 

Very sweet and beautiful, and not too complicated. So here’s the PDF and a little video to help you get started. If you succeed, please post it on youtube and leave us the link in a comment!

 P.S. please tell us what the link is otherwise it will be deleted as spam!

Free sheet music
Debussy, Claude Debussy, Claude Clair de lune (From “Bergamasque Suite”) + MIDI / Video Piano solo Early 20th century Public Domain

For any of you here who love playing the piano, this post is also published on http://piratesatheart.wordpress.com (minus all the bookish bits) and is soon to be followed by lots more free sheet music.


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