Wish me luck…

I’m submitting two short stories for the Sean Dunne memorial writing competition… The first is callled Powder Monkey, and is about a girl disguised as a boy on a Naval ship in 1813. The second, is going to be called one of the following: Everlasting Silence/ Forever and For Always/Silent Eternity. Basically a young soldier is forced to join the Nazis. As they are herding Jews into the gas chambers, this little boy then holds on to the soldiers leg , and the soldier is heart broken. He knows that if he tries to run with the kid, they will both be shot, and that would be more painful for the child. So he follows the boy in.

Please say which name is best! If I’m allowed, after the competition I’ll post them here, but I can’t beforehand, because they can’t be published anywhere else.


3 thoughts on “Wish me luck…

  1. Both stories sound amazing! Good Luck!
    I don’t think I can choose between the title for the second story without actually reading it but I like the second title the best. I hope I will have the chance to read them! 😀

    • Thank you soo much… after the competition, if I’m still not allowed publish them (like if I win…1 chance in a million, but fingers crossed!) I can always email them to you. Yeah, you kinda need to see the titles in context… What do you think… do you object to me emailing it to you? 😛 😀

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