Obsessed With Books

Imagine if the whole “World Existing Inside A Book” thing, like in Inkheart is actually true (I’m totally sold on it), do you think our world is just in a book in another world, which is in fact just a book in another world… imagine if every world only existed in books? This could become a new type of religion- Bookism. 😀

Sorry. This is why you should quit being obsessed with books when you can. It starts consuming your life 😛 (and I’m only 14!)

I think this post really deserves to be in the category rantarooney…


2 thoughts on “Obsessed With Books

  1. I hope no one is reading about me in that book 😀
    I’m really sceptic if it comes to Providence, God or a Greater Power, they have so many names for it. I’m rather realistic. I wish some things would be true like magic and so but I know that they can’t be.

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