The ice, the snow, and the fog.

Slightly like in “The Winter Knights”by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell, we have been gripped by what seemed like a never ending winter blizzard, but it’s over. The ice is melting, the snow’s already gone, and a thick, soupy blanket of fog has descended, swaddling the land like muslim. It’s really spooky, you can’t see anything further away than a few yards. School was back on yesterday, but was cancelled today. It’s on again tomorrow, like a yo-yo… they can’t make up their minds.



One thought on “The ice, the snow, and the fog.

  1. I might use some of that for a short story… I really like fog you see, especially when you’re wrapped up beside a warm fire in a little cottage… just like in Aunt Zelda’s house in the Marram Marshes. Only you Magyk fans will get that… such a cosy warm feeling… Ithink she is one of my favourite characters in the Magyk series.

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