The Quint Trilogy: The Edge Chronicles

Over the last week, I decided to re-read the first trilogy of the Edge Chronicles by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell. I haven’t managed to read either of the other trilogies yet, but I will!


Although these books are though to be just for children, they so are not! Just like the Magyk series, these books are amazing to everyone who reads them.

Book 1: Quint, the son of a Sky pirate, is apprenticed to the most high Academe of Sanctaphrax, the great floating city. However, he finds out hat something sinister is going on inside the floating rock on which Sanctaphrax is built…

Maris, the daughter of Linius, most high Academe, thinks Quint is replacing her in her fathers life, as Linius never pays any attention to her. Eventually though, she enlists Quint’s help to find out what exactly is going on inside the stonecomb of the floating rock.

Book 2: Quint enrolls in the Knights Academy, but only manages to attend for a number of months, because of a particularly earth-hating hall master, Hax Vostilix. Quint instantly makes eneies with a fellow student, Vilinix Pompolnius, who hates Quint’s sympathy for him. Blood will be shed…

The high Academe, unable to recover from the events of the first book, dies. Maris is sent to undertown, the filthy sprawling city under Sanctaphrax, and her strange guardians who treat her like a servant.  Her only communication with her freind Quint is through her old nurse from her days living is Sanctaphrax with her father.

Vilnix Pompolnius is determined to get between Quin and Maris in whatever way he can…

Book 3: Quint and Maris venture on a sky ship oyage with Wind Jackal, Quint’s father. Wind Jackal is determined to bring Turbot Smeal, the man who killed all Jackal’s family, apart from Quint. This voyage will bring them to the deadly Deep Woods, where nature is not to be trusted…

Anyway, I loved these books. I could write the blurbs on books, couldn’t I, with all the sentances ending in dot dot dot…

I loooooove the pictures too- they’re a huge part of reading these books, as they carry messages that are never conveyed in the text- like the fact that Quint, Maris, and all the human-like creatures have elfin ears, with pointy tips, or at the very end of the third book, there is a really sweet picture of Maris and Quint kissing, although this is never written… I love that kind of illustration, where is accually adds something to the story, rather than sitting there and looking pretty.


2 thoughts on “The Quint Trilogy: The Edge Chronicles

  1. I have had the first two books for years and I just ordered the 7 other books of ‘The Edge Chronicles’ and I’m anxious to read the rest of them before I go off to college.

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