Read On The Go… A Song For Summer…And A Rant ‘Bout Wuthering Heights

I’ve all ready done a quick post on this book by Iva Ibbotson, ages ago. I’m re-reading it again. This has to be one of my favorite books ever. EVER.

P.S. While re-reading Wuthering Heights, yet again I fail to see the amazing love story that has entrapped many avid readers over time… all I can find is some seriously depressed, self-harming nineteenth century people lost in the moores… Am I just unable to see the profound amazingness in this book that everyone else sees? I mean, parts are really good, but come on!
XX Maeve


2 thoughts on “Read On The Go… A Song For Summer…And A Rant ‘Bout Wuthering Heights

  1. That is what I thought when I heard that Wuthering Heights is a great classic. I have to admit I’ve read it a long time ago, maybe I should read it again. I think every book makes a different impression on you at different times of your life. There are books I loved when I was younger that I don’t really like now. Maybe you need a certain amount of experiences in relationships to really understand Wuthering Heights…who knows?

    • I agree… the first time I read Romeo and Juliet, I was disgusted by all the gross jokes, but ten when reading it again I was able to sort of blank them out and see how sweet and romantic most of it is (but Mercutio is still the most disgusting character ever!).

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