Poet Of The Week… Shakespeare (plus a little rant)

So now I’ve paid homage to Seamus Heaney, I can get into some of the huge poety-people. Just read some of his sonnets… and it’s kind of cool if you can learn off quotes, and are able to remember them… something that’s always evaded me.

Just found this huge old book of poetry, so be expecting some really obscure poets from here in… just had to mention Shakespeare.

We’re doing Romeo And Juliet in school for our Junior Cert Drama piece… Yes! At last, a play we have to learn off by heart and write hundreds of essays about that I like!!! Except the sound of droning voices who aren’t the slightest bit interested reading it will probably put me off. Oh Well.

If you had a choice, what book would you choose/have chosen to study in school, if you had to nearly know it off really well?

I think, for “knowing-offable-ness” I would probably pick Twilight, because I could quote from it easily, there are loads of half-buried themes in it, like redemption (like Edward’s for being a “monster”, to Charlie for being an absent father), and I could also find fault with it: the style in which the first chapter is written; the over use of dashes; the irritation of the reader at the unbelievability of some of Bella’s choices; the huge and excruciatingly nauseating franchise; to name a few.

Anyway, please tell us what book you’d review!


2 thoughts on “Poet Of The Week… Shakespeare (plus a little rant)

  1. It’s funny that you wrote about poetry as I find myself more and more interested in poems recently. Don’t know why, maybe I’m growing sentimental 🙂
    I totally agree with you on the faults in Twilight, there are many things that can be criticised.
    I would probably choose one of the Harry Potter books or Jane Eyre. And there was a book in primary school I was crazy about – I’ve read it more than thirty times, I’m sure. It is by a Hungarian author, István Fekete. The title is Thorn Castle. It belongs to adolescent literature but it is an amazing book. I would have probably written about it, if I have been asked at the age of 14 😀

    • I meant to add a list of books I would like to review, apart from just Twilight… I would LOVE to review Pride and Prejudice… I think my music teacher had the perfect term for it: “the chick-flick of the 1800s”… out of all classics, I think I like this the most because it’s so light hearted, and not a lot was back then.
      I would also like to review Under The Hawthorn Tree by Marita Conlon McKenna. It’s about these orphans during the famine in Ireland… it makes me cry everytime I read it.
      Is there an English version of Thorn Castle? I’l see if I can find it. Sounds good.

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