Wicked Lovely by Melissa Mar

I just finished reading Wicked Lovely and Ink Exchange, the second book.
These books are very dark, the second one more so.

The first one deals with Aislinn, a girl who has always had the sight: the ability to see faeries. She guards this secret with her life, after her Grams told her what happened to those who revealed to the Faeires that they could see them: eyes gouged out of their sockets, and worse.

So Aislinn is pretty freaked out when this faeire becomes visible and starts pursuing her. He starts at her school and repeatedly asks her out, but she is cold and nresponsive to him, wishing that he’ll go away. His freind, a girl who is white and tinged with blue, follows him invisibly, watching Aislinn. Eventually Ash decides to get help from her possibly-more-than-freind Seth. She breaks one of the biggest rules in faery lore: she tells him that she can see faeries, and that they do exist. Strangely, he doesn’t freak out likeI’d expect him to, and he decides to help her, looking through books and the internet, finding facts out, precautionary steps to take, and herbs needed to give a person the sight.

After accidentally drinking some faery summer wine,  Aislinn is bound to the faery world, and has two choices: She can either take a test to become the Summer Queen with Keenan, the faerie that has been pusuing her, or she can become a Summer Girl, the air-headed creatures who are tied to Keenan, their only reason in life to bring him happiness. If she decideds to take the test, and wins, she will become a queen to the Summer Court Faeires, and Keenan will allow her to continue seeing Seth (their relationship has escalated to “in-love” by this stage); but if she fails, she will become like Donia, the corpse like being that was following Keenan around, full of ice and cold.

Either way, her human life is over.

See my next Post for a shorter break-down of Ink exchange: it won’t be as detailed or long because it would give away the ending of this book.

Anyway, they’ve sparked off my age-old facination with faerie stories, so I’ve added this to the Theme page.
Oh, and sorry about the mix-up on the theme page about the release of Eclipse: it’s being released on the 30th of June, when I wrote Autumn, I was still thinking New Moon, and the release date hadn’t been set so it made sense to forecast it for then.


2 thoughts on “Wicked Lovely by Melissa Mar

  1. Sounds lovely. In a dark, creepy sort of way. I’ve always liked faerie books. Maybe not dark faerie books but still. Even the spelling of “faerie” is awesome. Reminds me of Faerie Wars by Herbie Brennan. Now that books is weird. But awesome.


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