Update, April 24th 2010

This is a new type of post I’m contemplating on posting regularly…  one focusing on news and not on any single one book or film or topic. I hope you like it!

Yet again, I’m sorry for not posting sooner. I’ve been reading a lot, and have had loads of homework. Anyway, you can always look forward to the Summer holidays: from the beggining of June onwards I have no school and you will be swamped with posts, so be grateful for the peace!

I’ve also watched lots of films: Pride and Predjudice (again), iRobot, The Imaginarium of Doctor Pernassus, Star Trek, The Vampires Assistant, Alice in Wonderland (in 3D), ect. What have you been watching?

I am currently reading The Siver Blade by Sally Gardiner, which is set in the reign of terror during the French revolution. I have only just begun, but even though it contains magic, I find it quite relevant to my schoolwork as we were just studying the French revolution.

Another reason for me not writing so much recently is because it’s been so sunny over the last few days. Today, however, it is lovely and damp and misty, perfect blogging weather.

Also wondering what you think of the news about Stephenie Meyer’s new book, about Bree Tanner, the newborn we encounter by the bonfire in Eclipse. It will be released June 5th with one dollar per sale going to American Red Cross, and will be available to download online (for free) from June 7th to sometime in July. I will be publishing a post with links to this and a countdown widget soon.

Just a note for other WordPress users: just enabled the “Surprise Me” feature… apart from a “This post is super-awesome” checkbox, I haven’t noticed much. So if you have noticed something on your blog, or even this blog that I might have missed, please tell me.

And don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten the Weekly poet (or Monthly? :P) and I’m going to publish that post just after this, so hold on!

xXx Maeve



3 thoughts on “Update, April 24th 2010

  1. Good to read your post again, I was missing them!
    I have also watched the Vampire’s Assistant and found it a bit boring, actually. I mean the idea is great and I bet the books are loads better but they did not make a smashing movie out of them. Which Pride and Prejudice did you watch? I like the Keira Knightly sort of P&P though I don’t like the actress very much. But Mr Darcy is great as usual and Jane is prettier than in the BBC series. First time I have seen this movie on a German TV channel and they finished the film at the part where Elizabeth gets his father’s permission and completely omitted the last, most romantic scene. I was so outraged!
    And I’m not really keen on Stephenie Meyer’s new release, this Bree Tanner short story. It’s good that she has the story in mind but I’m not in the least interested in it. Maybe you could help me find interest in it… 😀

    • Guess what… the last scene in Pride and Predjudice isn’t in the UK version (or the German one), as it isn’t in the book. You can still watch it though in special features, as an alternative ending. I never even knew about this scene until a few days ago while watching it with my friend, and she showed me!!!
      And I’m going to have to write a post entitled ” Getting Gabi Interested In Bree Tanner”, which might be a bit tough since I’m not that pshyched up about it, but I’ll try.
      Oh and how did the questionairre assignment go?

      • Yeah, I think it’s not really a good endind, we just see Elizabeth running from the room. So what? And it turned out that one of my literature teachers doesn’t know this version either, so I will bring her the alternative ending to the next class. She was showing us the book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and she said that the majority of the student have read this one, and not the original. It’s sad, really.
        I have to hand it the assignment by the middle of May, so I haven’t analysed anything but I will start soon 🙂 I will tell you about my progress 🙂

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