Getting Gabi Interested In Bree Tanner

Here Gabi, as I promised!

Many people are not that into the idea of Stephenie Meyer releasing a new book, believing her just to be milking the series. However, if you are a bit over-obsessive, and search through her blog’s archives, there is a post from about two years ago which basically says she has written this story but doesn’t know whether or not she will publish it.

And it’s not really being done for profit: you can get it online for free.

Reasons to read it:

  • Its available free
  • A donation will be made to the red cross if you buy the print edition
  • It will provide us with a new perspective: that of a wild, thirsty newborn. We have only seen the story from Bella and Jacobs point of view so far (and Edwards too, if you’ve read some of Midnight Sun…), and the newborn Bella doesn’t really count because she is so refined. So Bree will provide us with a fresh, raw insight to the other side of vampires we haven’t really seen: the terror and bloodlust.
  • We will get a fuller back story on what is happening in Seattle with Victoria and Riley, which we don’t know much about, as Eclipse is from Bella’s point of view.
  • We will see what it’s like for somebody to be pursued and turned into a vampire without wanting to.
  • We will see how scared Bree is by the Vampires, which Bella never really is.
  • We will see how Bree deals with the fact she is killing people: we know the need of blood over-rules it, but is there a tiny bit of conscience that bugs her…
  • If you don’t like it, you will have a valid point to give out about it.

So, Gabi, will you read it now?

XxX Maeve


3 thoughts on “Getting Gabi Interested In Bree Tanner

  1. If you put it like that…yes, I probably would read it 🙂 When I have heard S. Meyer saying on the Twilight dvd that she has always intended the book to be made to a film, well, I didn’t really like that, it made me like her less. And when, after reading the books several times, I began to concentrate on the style and found it poor, I have lost a bit from my obsession. But I still love the books, and I’m curious about the films.
    But I will always like a good story and she can write good stories, so I think I will read the new short story 😀 (so we can talk about it later :))

    • Yeah, after re-reading them lots, I’ve realised I’m not as obsessed as I was at first. I’m not sure her style of writing is brilliant, but I do love the accual story. I think despite her sometimes rough writing, her portrayal of feelings in her characters is very good… that’s why I’ll read this book because I feel a wild newborn’s feelings would be interesting…

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