Its Summer!!! Update #2

Summer is here, and I’ve survived my summer exams… pretty much. Only one more hurdle to go, and I’ll be free to post every day right here!!!

I’ve a dance show tomorrow in Cork Opera House, and we have a rehearsal today, so I’ll have to be quick!!! I’m performing in La Bayadere and in a Michael Jackson medley piece. Wish me luck!!!

As always, my entusiasm for English has let me down in an exam… in the English test, I answered the “short” qustions on Romeo and Juliet with way to much depth… they turned into mini essays!!! Because of this I didn’t get to finish either of the last two long questions: a character discussion on Atticus Finch and a question on Poetry. AAArgh!!!

Now that I’ve ventilated that anger, I’d like to say how soory I am for not having posted anything over the last few weeks… I tend to manage my time badly and has to do this super-rushed study-round-the-clock thing.

So don’t worry… I’ve planned to do a review of Piratica III (I eventually found it!), by Tanith Lee, The Gunslinger and The Drawing of Three both in The Dark Tower series, by Stephen King. I also will be looking at the Short Second Life of Bree Tanner… so just be patient until this dancing show is over!!!!

See you all soon,

Maeve XxX


One thought on “Its Summer!!! Update #2

  1. I was beginning to worry about you, you just disappeared but I see now that you had a lot to study, congratulations to your results! Don’t worry about the essay, maybe they will reward you extra points for your longer answer.
    I’m looking forward to your posts 😀

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