Very Important Message

As you will have noticed, over the last few months, my posts have been steadily declining, and for quite a while, I haven’t posted anything. This is due to something being seriously wrong with my internet connection, and the beautiful weather.

My internet as been extremely unreliable for the past while, and has seemed have given up completely over the last few weeks. So only when I am able to book a slot in the local library’s very busy internet sessions timetable will I be able to post. Rather than having you all on tenterhooks waiting, I would advise you all to suscribe, keep checking back, and keep posting on all posts. I should be back to normal mid-September, hopefully, and will begin to bring you your usual often posts.

For people wanting to continue the discussions over the next few months, check out the forums I set up specifically for when I’m not around to give you new matierial, or to approve your comments. See htpp://

Also, have a look through my links list and visit some of these wonderful sites!

I will also be on Twitter alot, as I can easily access that from my mobile.

I’m posting two more posts before I’m gone, and will set them to be published a little bit in the future, so you can enjoy a bit of us in August!

Love you all, and so sorry I have to just completely black out for a while, Maeve XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxX

Will miss you! XxXxX


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