In defense of my vice: manic book-reading

my vice…. reading

book shelf project 1 ~ striatic {notes}

I read a lot, ok?

Get over it.

It's NOT Geeky or Swotty to carry a huge book around to each class- you never know when you might have a few spare seconds to read!

And when you find me awake at four o'clock in the morning, half-way through the novel I bought this afternoon, it's just because I'm finishing this one VITAL chapter, then I'll go to sleep, ok?

Ten minutes later: This next chapter is pretty vital too, I'll just finish this first.

And so it goes on.


So some people may not think it a vice, not worth defending, but reading is a bit like a drug to me: I have to have at least two books I'm reading at the moment in my little check satchel. Otherwise, I might get stuck somewhere and have nothing to read (the horror).

And I couldn't stay at someones house without bringing books. They fall out of my bag, and it get a bit awkward…

"What, so you thought I might be too boring for you, so you brought Pride and Prejudice with you?" cries the annoyed and hurt host/ess.

"Umm… it was just in my bag before I came, I forgot to take it out…"

" How many times have you read that anyway? Isn't it like some stupid detective thing set in the past, with confusing 'old fashioned' words?" The Host/ess, still a little indignant.

"Just because YOU don't like it, haven't even a vague idea of the plot, only like very short trashy novels where the longest word they use are when they're describing how hot their date is…" and then the sleep-over turns into a massive row.

I would only ever quit if someone told me they would burn all my books if I ever opened one. It would be a comfort just to have them there.


So I'm guessing my vice is reading: novels especially. It may be healthier than others (smoking, riding cars at extremely fast speeds), especially with my innate lack of co-ordination, but it does mean I spend a lot of beautiful, sunny days with my head stuck in a book.

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