What Keeps Me Up at Night

I tend to expect to over-achieve, and when I don't, it annoys me ALL NIGHT>

[Woman playing the piano.]

Books, usually… if I'm trying to finish them.

Or, recently, if I'm trying to solve the unsolvable problem in my plot for my novel. It just keeps jumping around in your head, and you come up with a milion and one solutions, but none of them fit properly, and cause huge changes to the whole feeling of the story…

Or, the year before last, at my piano exam, I messed up the pieces I was supposed to be playing so badly I had to restart two of them. I had been sick and had missed school the whole week- the exam was on a Thursday, and I ended up missing the next Friday too. My head was spinning inside in the exam, and I kept getting these hot and cold shivers.

That night in bed I kept seeing myself playing the tunes badly, then going through them perfectly. I spent the night wishing I had followed my moms advice: "you are way too sick to go, stay home. It's only a piano exam."

Of course, I told her that I was fine, that I would have to wait for ages until the next exam, by then the pieces would have changed and all my work would have been useless, and that she had allready paid for it.

When I got the results back, I found I had accually done fine: 88%- honours. But I had always got a distinction, and had been expecting one for this exam (before I messed up really badly).

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