Thank You!!!

Just using an idea I got from KovGab ( a good while ago… A list of things I’m thankful for.

I’m thankful that…

My web issues have seemed to clear up so I’m able to post to you guys!!!

We’re still holding after a whole year of publishing!

I’ve found Plinky… it really helps when I don’t know what to write for this blog. Hope you don’t mind the random-ness!

That I have somewhere to write some complete nut-sey stuff, but people listen.

That people listen! I love all you readers, commenters and fellow blog-writers… I love this little community!

That people don’t seem to mind when I just dissapear for weeks on end.

That I have a little sister who is calling me upstairs to watch a film right now…


Anyway, thank you all.

When I still thought I wouldn’t be able to make it online I wrote and scheduled two posts for August. I won’t publish them now, because just in case the internet goes again (touch wood it doesn’t), it’d be better for ye to have them come in intercals rather than all at once.


Oh, and thanks also for not minding my constand Irish colloquialisms… (eejit, ye, it’d, fellas, craic, ect.)

XxXxX Maeve

(optimistic at the moment!)

Oh, and sorry for the lack of tags in the last few posts… I just can’t type them in. I don’t know whats gone wrong… 😛


One thought on “Thank You!!!

  1. I’m glad you’re back, I really enjoy your posts 🙂 Stopping sometimes and thinking about the things you’re thankful for is very useful, I think. Makes you appreciate more the taken-for-granted things in you life, doesn’t it?

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