Summer Reading

Decided to compile a list of books, both new to me and old favourites to carry us through August and into September. Remember, you can disscuss these over on the forums at

Books with a Star (*) next to them are suitable for all ages, books with a hash (#)may contain content only  suitable for older readers.

For the Romantic

  • Pride and Prejudice thought to be one of the most structurally-perfect novels ever written. *
  • Impossible? a story of a fairy curse, based on the folk song Scarborough Fair, set in modern times. #
  • The Twilight Saga they have taken up the charts in best selling childrens books for as long as I can remember. #
  • Alis a spooky love story set in the weird scripture-controlled villages of a very bleak, grey world. #
  • A Song For Summer possibly the sweetest love story ever told. Set during World War Two. #

For the Action-Lovers:

  • The Piratica Series a strong willed pirate, Art, sets out to conquer the world with her strange acting troupe. *
  • The H.I.V.E. Series the Higher Institute of Villanous Education kidnaps kids and trains them how to be evil. *
  • The Cherub Series a secret government training center to turn kids into spys that can slip under others’ radars easily. #
  • The Sisters Grimm Series decendants of The Brothers Grimm, these fairy tale detectives solve magical crimes. *
  • The Septimus Heap Series following the exploits of Septimus, the seventh son of a seventh son, and his unwavering friends. *

Hope you enjoy all these reads. Please comment below, or leave a post at


One thought on “Summer Reading

  1. I’ve just bought A Song for Summer, I heard so much about it from you that I’m really curious. Unfortunately, I’m reading HP again, but as soon as I finish them, I will jump into this book, I promise 😀

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