The Magic Word

The funniest thing I have ever heard a kid say came out of my little sisters mouth. She was about two at the time- she was a very early talker.

Halloween #17

It was a small little Halloween party at one of my mam's freinds houses, and my sister had sat down to get her face painted. She was the only girl (bar me; I later followed her example) who opted not to be a fairy princess, but wanted a spider-web complete with spider on her face. When it was finished, she got up and appraised it in the mirror. My mam's friend – also the face-painter, and for the night, a witch – decides to help my nutty two-year-old sister along with her manners.

"Whats the magic word, Kate?" She called after the kid.

Kate turns around, her face contorted with confusion. Glancing at the woman's pointy witch hat, she shakes her head and looks up sadly.

"It's abracadabra. And I thought you were a witch."

She turned and left the room, disgusted.

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