Our most popular post ever: Farid and Doria

Our most popular post ever, about Farid and Doria, from the Inkheart series, was the most visited post of all time on our blog. As a result of this amount of interest, I have decided to write a new post, with a list of links to other sites discussing this.

If you haven’t read the original post and the comments, do it now! https://bookheaven.wordpress.com/2009/11/20/who/

To see what Cornelia Funke says, see this post:


Obviously, a load of people feel very strongly about this plot point. What is it that creates such a following?It’s like the love triangle in The Twilight Saga, except in this case, it’s people going with or against the author, Cornelia Funke.

Some other sites that have opinions on this point are:

http://tinyurl.com/2wqf9p5 … This message board has a competition format, with loads of people posting whether they prefer Farid or Doria, but the same points get repeated.

http://tinyurl.com/32poksc …This one, on fanfiction, has a bit more variety to it: they accually discuss how the developement fits with the plot more than who is more “exciting”.

I’m no longer sure where I stand on this point, but I still think it would suit the plot better if Farid had somehow redeemed himself, and that him and Meggie stayed together- he knows the truth about her world, and was with her from the start. Yes, he made mistakes, but doesn’t everyone? And the whole, “meggie being Doria’s wife in a story” thing is a bit odd- it doesn’t really fit with the way the Ink world works. Two stories can’t mesh together, can they?

But then, Doria is sweet, kind, helpful, loyal and faithful. Decisions, decisions. Have any of your views changed over the last few months?


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