Paris by Pictures

Pictures of: Shakespeare and Company bookshop, The Notre Dam, and a view over Paris from the Pompidou Centre. More pictures on the way!


5 thoughts on “Paris by Pictures

  1. This bookshop is the place I’d like to be right now! If a shop like this exists in Hungary I’m going to find out 😀
    I hope you enjoy your stay in Paris! Is it a pleasure or a school trip?

  2. I love the first picture. Looks like everything’s gonna fall over in a moment’s notice. BTW, love the new theme. Also, question: You refer to the authors as “us”, but so far I’ve only seen you, maevedemouse, as the only author. Mind satisfying my curiosity?

    Always a fan,

    • yes, I have an annoying tendancy to write in the plural while there is only me. Perhaps this could be set straight if you’d “donate” a guest article…. *radiates smugness at achievement to slip in a very unnoticable plug*At least I’d be technically correct…

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