Let it snow…

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I have missed a whole week of school due to the beautiful inadequecy of our council, and the mesmerising miracle that is snow!

Yes, it has snowed since Monday morning, and school will remain closed tomorrow (Friday). Oh, how wonderful life is.

Not that I usually go around promoting missing school, but when the school is closed…

I was just wondering at the lack of prepared-ness of our council- I mean, other countries get way way way more snow than we do, and yet their lives go on as normal, uninterupted by mother nature. Even though we had a big freeze last year too, we still don’t have enough salt to grit the roads… hmm. Seems like the council feel the same way as I do: who cares about the inconvieniance- It’s a perfect excuse to skip work/school!

Oh how I love winter!

Maeve XxX

P.S. I added the falling snow to commemorate this week! 


One thought on “Let it snow…

  1. Give the poor ol’ country another few of these Arctic-type winters and there’ll be no closed schools or unprepared councils!! In the meantime though, enjoy the inconvenience of not being able to get to school as best you can back there and keep your fingers crossed that Cork airport will be open for business on the 17th… See you soon, d.

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