Clunky Writing

Yes, this is quite like my recent post on how sometimes writing can just not work the way you want it to. We all know clunky writing, even if not by that name: a string of words that doesn’t quite roll off the tongue, a sentence that manages to tell you something, but not very eloquently. All is fine if that is what you want – to tell someone something. Much of this blog is written clunkily because I do not need to make my posts works of art, I simply want to say something.

However, I draw the line at books that are written clunkily: books should be works of art – they are not simply written to convey a message, but are also there for the reader to enjoy (except possibly the Bible, the Qur’an and other such books).  Why should you pay with money and your time to read a book that is not well written? Unless the plot is immensely good, I think clunky writing should not be tolerated. Of course, even in some of the best books of all time, there are some clunky scenes. You can’t expect an author to perform admirably the whole time, and some clumsily written scenes are redeemed by the amazing standard of the rest of the book.

Not that I claim to be better… (note a very clunkily written survey I forwarded to uncle Dec, who luckily had the cop on to correct it a bit :P) but these authors are professionals, they get paid to write well. Seriously, you sometimes wonder if they ever re-read what they have written!


Here’s a cool picture of the sky above our house… I’m just imagining a few specific authors describing it very clunkily…

XxXxX Maeve


One thought on “Clunky Writing

  1. Maybe their end goal is a bit of clunkiness… Aiming, perhaps, for the market of clunky readers which surely exists out there… Who knows..?
    I think the (slightly) ‘corrected’ questionnaire is was down to genetics… sorry!
    That sky is pretty cool. Noticed a very similar one in Ktm recently too… coincidence?
    Have to say bah-humbug to the snow effect though… It’s soooo last week, no? And besides, it’s making me feel cold!
    Smile and send me some motivation to blog while you’re at it!

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