Software for Writing


Since I blog a lot, and use the internet and all its services regularly, I felt I should really write a post about all the different programs, sites and services I use for this blog.

The main, obvious one is WordPress. This is where my blog is hosted and run from. It is here I check my stats, look at any comments left, and post and edit most of the content for the site. I started off just using this, but as this blog grew I realised that I needed more help to put all this material together.

As my internet connection is of dubious consistency, I use Windows Live Writer to write offline drafts which are then uploaded when I manage to connect successfully. This is why my posts often appear in bunches… much like the Dublin bus system.

Another vital tool in my blogging and writing process is Evernote. This brilliant program is much like Microsoft’s One Note, allowing you to cut clips from the internet, drag photos, type anywhere and jot down all your ideas without having to structure them to fit a post. It allows you to collect all your thoughts in one place. I find this brilliant for creative writing, as I can just put all my stray ideas here. It allows me create detailed plot summaries with chapters linked in, to do lists, and articles I’ve found on the internet that were helpful. It’s unlike One Note, it’s free and is also available for Mac.

Plinky, an online gold-mine of ideas, provides you with daily prompts. It allows you to write posts in reply to these prompts, attach photos and post it to your blog. You will find a good few posts with a Plinky tag at the end of them on this site, namely short stories.

This blog can be reached at two domains: and The domain is from a site of the same name that gives out free short domains. I think this is a fantastic alternative to a .com, or .net domain.

I just thought I’d share these with you, as whenever I show this blog to my friends they ask how I made it. Of course, to make a fantastic blog you don’t need any of the above; you can just use WordPress, Blogger, Typepad or any other platform you wish. I just find these different sites and programs help me organise this blog.

Just in case you are wondering, I wasn’t paid by any of these services to talk about them! 😛 They are all genuinely helpful, and can be found somewhere on Google.

I know, not very booky. XXxXxXxxxXX Maeve

P.S. A booky picture to help up the book content of this post. From the Shakespeare and Company bookshop in Paris 😀



One thought on “Software for Writing

  1. I will check out Plinky. Though I thought you were going to write about what software you use to do write your stories. lol Oh and I love love love One Note.

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