Stick to the Originals

Recently, when in a bookshop, I noticed a shelf of pretty odd looking white-covered books. After a momentary shock, I realised that they werre the Twilight Saga. With white covers. Enough said.

The original covers were so visually effective: the main colours in the pictures, red and white, standing out well on the black background. This fit so well with the series: dark, attention-grabbing, and, lets face it, depressing. The German versions of the Saga all have beautiful covers, mainly in greens, browns and natural hues. This made the books look more antique and pretty, and made it much less likely for the reader to be annoyed with “Oh, you’re reading Twilight,” over and over again- unless you happen to be in Germany.

Then, in keeping with the big American franchise thing they stuck God-awful pictures from the movies on the covers. Eew. I mean, if I want to see a cover for the film, I’ll look at the DVD case, alright? Then I noticed a rather odd set of covers also with a white background, but with pale drawings/photographs on them- like the German covers morphed with the Snow Queen, or perhaps the cover to Cornelia Funke’s Reckless (which I just couldn’t finish, by the way). But then, the horror of these new covers just blew me away.

I mean, the photos were taken specifically to sit on a black background: thats got to affect he technical aspects of the colouring. I mean, besides the symbolism of the fair skinned vampires/Bella’s practically amaemic colouring, the hands and arms on the first cover are particularly pale, so that they contrast well with the dark background. They weren’t suposed to be put on a white background, only a few shades away from their own colour! That seems to be what the publishers have done: copied and pasted the pictures onto a white background, for some ridiculous reason.

I mean, really. Have they no taste? 😛

Oh, and by the way, what is with publishers bringing out Wuthering Heights and Pride and Prejudice with new black/red themed covers, and things about how the characters are alike to the characters of Twilight? I don’t mind so much about Wuthering Heights, because it is actually mentioned a good few times in the book, and it deserves a dark, depressing cover, because it’s so ridiculously depressed. On the other hand, Pride and Prejudice is a fantastic book, with little or no reference in the Twilight Saga. Besides this, it is a happy, sparkling book that does not need a black cover, nor does it need its reputation tarnished by linking it to Twilight. I mean, if you were Jane Austen, how would you like it? None of the characters are similar, nor can any plot links be draw. And the worst bit is that they tried to modernise it. In one such version I saw a section on what Elizabeth and Darcy’s Facebook profiles would be like!!!

Hmm, guess what book cover this is meant to look like? Above book sold by “Dazzled by Twilight”. I mean, can you possibly come up with a worse name for a store?


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