Dreaming of Amelia, Jaclyn Moriarty

I just borrowed this from the library. The blurb on the back promised that Amelia, of the title, is a ghost. Yet so far, three hundred and forty two pages in, I haven’t seen any evidence. It’s confusingly written, in the form of exam essays written by numerous students of an Australian school. I think the style of writing is meant to build suspence because you don’t really know what’s going on, but I prefer books to be comprehensible. Perhaps it will get better- more understandable- as I go on. I do think that the concept of revealing the plot through essays is kind of cool and unusual, but I think it kind of prevents you from getting to really know the characters. Plus I find it kind of hard to believe that during an exam everyone would be as elusive as each other while all writing about the same thing. I’m just not sold.



2 thoughts on “Dreaming of Amelia, Jaclyn Moriarty

  1. i have to say that i disagree if your looking for a ghost story go find another novel go read something else. this book has heavy german espressionist influence and the intence relationship that the reader feels with the characters is exceptionally done. an amazing read!

    • I just don’t think it was my style. I prefer books that run more smoothly and let me get to know the characters better and in all parts of their life. I also didn’t find the way people answered the exam questions believable, but that’s just my opinion.

      P.S. Wasn’t really looking for a ghost story; they aren’t my thing. I did end up a bit confused though, as to what was happening.

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