New Season, New Look

The first draft of Magyk sent by Angie Sage to...

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After a long sabbatical from this blog (due to studying and completing the Junior Cert Exams) I wondered whether or not to keep it running. Eventually I decided it would be worth it to go back and face the readers I have abandoned for the last few months. Even if it is a bit humiliating. So I’ve decided to use this as a chance to give the blog a make-over and a spring clean (probably the only time you will hear either of those words on this site), and I think I won’t regret the decision to continue with the blog.

So hopefully you’ll hear a bit more from me than you have over the past few months.

Just a few of the changes I’ve made:

  • Theme- pretty obvious one, this- I think it’s nice to give the blog a fresh face every now and then
  • Welcome post- I don’t think we needed this. Everyone gets what this blog is about by its title.
  • Widgets- there were too many of these cluttering up the place.
  • Pages- I deleted most of the pages, they were too static. Most were unchanged since I first set up this blog.

Hopefully, change is for the best. See you soon for an update on the next book in the Magyk series, Darke! I’ll leave you with this pretty cool picture of Angie Sage’s first draft of Magyk, as sent to HarperCollins.




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