Paddle, by Jasper Winn

This book chronicles the author’s voyage around Ireland in a kayak. Non-fiction books are usually not my thing, but this one was as beautifully written as any sea-set adventure. Admittedly, I am an avid kayaker, I love the sea and my coast, and I had personal knowledge of the setting of the book. Still, I think everyone would enjoy Jasper’s descriptions of his adventures at sea, of our epic coastline, and of his childhood in West Cork. Four stars out of five. Warning- there is a LOT of kayaking on this book.


2 thoughts on “Paddle, by Jasper Winn

  1. Stumbled across Book Heaven and your review of Paddle. Many thanks for the positive words. Which bit of coast do you kayak on? There’s a lot of drinking and music and muddling along as well as paddling, in Paddle, isn’t there, Best, Jasper

    • West Cork. I usually go out around the Old Head, and Garretstown, and Reen pier. It can be a bit of a trek- I live between Clon and Ross, so sometimes I just go out off the Warren. Really loved the book, especially since I love kayaking, and also because I actually know the places well, and I’ve paddled there before.
      Thanks a million for your comment, it’s really cool to have an author comment!

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