Fan Fiction

Fan fiction, with the aid of the web, is now huge. Are you a lover or a hater? Do you browse and read it, or do you actively write new episodes of your favourite characters lives?

Websites for fan fiction usually contain content ranging from great writing to paragraphs scribbled about characters falling in love with the fanfic writer.

There is something sad about reading a great piece of fanfic, because you know it can never be published, that the plot will never be developed, that it can’t exist independently of the book it is based on. However, there have been some amazingly successful fanfics, such as The Very Secret Diaries of Middle Earth, written by Cassie Claire, a non-fiction writer in real life. So it can be possible to become widely read when writing fanfic, but is the work ever completely your own?

Another thing to consider is how authors feel about their work being re-written and carried on by others. Some authors actively encourage it, presumably flattered; while others hate it, stating their work is copyrighted and that their characters can not be used. Some, such as J.K. Rowling do not mind it, within reason. If people were writing fanfic based on your work, how would you feel?

What’s your view on fan fiction? What kind do you read? What sites do you like best?


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