Books that have made an impression on me…

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Sometimes, the best book is the simplest, the one that makes you sigh with relief after a trying day. I remember this one book I would read again and again when I was in elementary school, and the memory of it calms me down even now, after all the pressure of high school and not-far-away college. Julie Edwards, better known as Julie Andrews the actress, suprisingly wrote a couple of books during her career. But that’s not the surprising thing; what’s surprising is that her books were good. They weren’t necessarily unique, but they had, or I should say "have", beautiful prose, and simple stories, which is why I’m writing about one of her books: Mandy. Maeve asked me what book has imprinted its memory on me. This is the one. Along with Ballet Slippers by Noel Streatfeild and Eight Cousins by Louisa May Alcott. Yes, these are all happy-perfect-stereotype-family books with a happy ending after a short detour problem, but that’s thing: I’m a softie at heart. All I read when I

was younger were these kinds of Moffat-books. And I think maybe that’s why I’m able to stomach some of the darker and uglier kinds of books that practically infest young adult reading right now, because I know some authors are content with writing about happy memories and daily ongoing life. Getting back to Mandy, this idea of happy childhood stories is actually what makes me remember it so well. I loved little orphan Mandy, and how she had the courage to go and fix up an old, abandoned house all on her own, how she rejuvenated and cared for the garden, and at one point met a doe while lying sleepily in the sun-soaked grass. It’s these kinds of memories that I’ll never forget, so the sad ones don’t overcome me on reminiscing nights like these. That’s pretty much it. It’s a very simple memory, but it’s important to remember, just so all the complicated cynicism in the modern world doesn’t completely take over.

Maeve de Mouse, you’re turn.


Thanks a million, Bookchomper!


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