The Adventures of Tintin

The Adventures of Tintin Poster

I’m still feeling unsure about going to see this film. I love the books so much I’m afraid that this will ruin them for me. I’d made my mind up that I was going to watch it, because the trailers seemed interesting, the characters looked true to the books, and sure had the Harry Potter films ruined the books for me? No, they hadn’t. Plus it was a Spielberg film. He couldn’t mess up Hergé’s masterpiece that much, could he?

Then, to prove the power of journalism, I read a pessimistic review of it. One line sticks in my head: Fans should consider giving it a miss. So now I am back to my dilemma: to go to see it or not?


2 thoughts on “The Adventures of Tintin

  1. I didn’t know this film was from a book. Going to check it out now.

    But i know how you feel. I’m not so keen with the Hunger Games film as well, somehow i have a feeling it would mess up the original.

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