Case Closed

I always find that the closing chapter of a book is the one that sticks in my mind long after I’ve put the book down. More than likely, this is because they are the last scenes we encounter in the book, but also because they can be the most poignant and well-written.

Over the next week, I’ll write a few posts on my favorite closing scenes, closing scenes I hated, and what makes a closing scene effective.

Like I did before with my feature on book memories, I’m putting the question out there for the public, and hopefully will again get some guest bloggers to contribute.

So, what’s your opinion on the closing scenes of books?


2 thoughts on “Case Closed

  1. Some books do peter out to a bit of a tame ending, but it can be done quite well, perhaps as in The Night Circus, where the ending has a dreamy, reflective quality.

  2. I agree, and I think it works both ways – I think a rubbish closing scene in a book can put you off it as well, and leave you feeling disappointed.
    My favourite closing scene in a book is from Catch 22. Actually, it’s the last two chapters, one of which is deeply tragic, but then is followed by a quite funny, but startling scene, on which the book ends. Very powerful though.

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