Post Number 200!

Our two hundredth Post!

Wow, I sort of feel… like I’ve written more! Anyway, I’m proud that I’ve gotten to two hundred and haven’t given up, and that after two hundred posts my readers haven’t dumped me… thanks guys.

Anyway, as you’ll have seen, if you’ve visited recently, there have been a few changes to Book Heaven recently. While I still intend on books, writing and literature being my main focus points, I also intend on blogging about films, music and food a bit more. Recently, I’ve found myself kicking myself for making books the only focus of this blog when I come across an amazing album or a really cool film, and thinking, “Damn, that’s irrelevant to Book Heaven, but I’d love to blog about it…”. I didn’t want to start a new blog, because either it or Book Heaven would suffer, so I decided that I’d just add to Book Heaven. The category system that up until now has been confusing and somewhat bizarre will now become more useful and defined, separating book stuff from film stuff and music stuff. However, I think you’ll find that no matter what I blog about, it will relate back to books… And food, well, I intend on randomly posting pictures of yummy cakes, so no need to worry about that.

So all in all, no need to worry: Book Heaven will remain the same, apart from some additional material that will probably end up book-related, even if it was not originally intended to be. For you, that just means more posts 🙂

So, here’s to two hundred posts, and two hundred more to come!


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