The Hunger Games Film

I went to see The Hunger Games last week in a seriously excited mood: I’ve posted before about the books and how much I enjoyed them, so I was looking forward to the film. I loved how the film was shot; not blockbuster style, but more “indie” as one friend put it. District 12 was perfect; maybe not quite as urban as I’d pictured it, but I felt the meadow and forest was spot on.

The Capitol was not portrayed exactly as I’d imagined; I thought it would be brighter, flashier, more shiny. But I felt it worked. Even the make-up on the people of the Capitol was amazing, but not quite as I’d expected.

However, I felt slightly cheated on leaving the cinema. It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy the film (I did); I just felt like they’d missed some of the depth of the books, and that some scenes had felt extremely scripted.

I’d recommend the film to friends, but I would warn die-hard fans to be cautious… some plot points such as the familiar Avox, and Peeta getting his leg ripped off are just… missing. Which I thought was a bit odd.

It didn’t live up to the books, but it was a good watch. Four out of five stars.


10 thoughts on “The Hunger Games Film

      • Probably due to my numerous rants. I still think that the film wasn’t very good and probably won’t make my top 100 list. It was just… wrong. For me, at least. And jeeze, how many posts are you going to post today, little monkey?

      • Lol. Was going to save a few for tomorrow (well, today now) but then I was thinking, with all this spare time over Easter I’ll probably manage to write even more for tomorrow (again, today), so I might as well go for it 🙂

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