Back and Better than Ever!

So, I’ve finished the Leaving Cert (the big final exams at the end of secondary school here in Ireland), and have gotten a place in university, which means I’ll have a lot more time now to dedicate to writing for Book Heaven! The show is back on the road. I’ve been reading a lot over the summer (especially the Septimus Heap series, and lots of stuff by David Levithan), and I have a few books in mind that I want to review, but I would also like some reading suggestions from you to kick start this reboot.

I hope that this new chapter for Bookheaven will be just as good as it was before my break from blogging. See you all with my first book review next week!

Also: I’ve really enjoyed listening to Welcome to Nightvale, the podcast, over the summer, and I’m looking for a similar-format fiction audio podcast. Does anyone have any suggestions? I love listening to fiction while exercising.


7 thoughts on “Back and Better than Ever!

  1. Are you sure going to university means you’ll have a lot more time for reading books and writing reviews? Nothing like a bit of confidence, I suppose…

    As for a reading suggestion, I can recommend Rohinton Mistry’s A Fine Balance as the best book I’ve read in a very long time. I’m not entirely sure if it resonated so much with me because of similarities to much of the situation I know from Nepal and would be curious to find out from someone for whom the culture was relatively unknown while reading.

    Anyway, when are you off to college?

    • Well… more than I had in sixth year anyway… It just seemed a shame to let this go, since there are so many followers and stuff. Fingers crossed I’ll manage.

      Will look it up!

      Well I’ve a week long chemistry intro course from the 8th to the 12th, but technically my course/orientation isn’t until the next week, on the 15th. Accom doesn’t open until the 12th, so mam will have to follow me up with my suitcase that Friday.

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