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Quotations in Books

This has sort of to do with both my post about music in books and poetry extracts in books…

In books like Inkheart by Cornelia Funke and Titheby Holly Black, little quotes from books are given at the

Stack of books in Gould's Book Arcade, Newtown...

Stack of books in Gould's Book Arcade, Newtown, New South Wales (NSW), Australia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

beginning chapters. I won’t repeat everything I’ve already said, but this is just another example of authors tying other pieces of art, I guess, to their own work.

Felix Phoenix from Piratica

Felix Phoenix, with ice-blonde hair and blue eyes, vows to pay revenge on Goldie Girl, the Golden Goliaths daughter, due to his secretive history.

Throughout the book, he displays secrecy and does not let anyone know his reason for being aboard the ship until quite late in the story.

I think Art’s jealousy of Goldie Girl worked well, when she thought Felix was in love with her. Little did Art know that the only reason he wished to board Goldie’s ship was to collect information about her to bring her on trial for piracy. This is also the reason Felix stays on Art’s ship at the begining- he simply wants information and proof of her piracy. However, as time goes on, Felix begins to admire her and many of the crew, but he keeps this all secret. Up to the minute before Art is hanged, she does not know how Felix truly feels about her.

I think Felix’s “Piratica- Pirate Queen” speech should definitely make it into archives of best public speeches ever made- it ends up saving her life!

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