Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy Giveaway!

Oooh, I’m all excited, this is the first time I’ve held a giveaway… anyway, get your hands on a copy of one of my favourite books ever by telling us what your favourite book is. You can leave a comment too to bump up your chances, maybe tell us what would be a good giveaway prize in the future!

Anyway, the raffle starts at midnight tonight, and some of the entry options can be repeated every day to increase your chances.

Just click the link below.

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–Maeve ❤

Русский: "Пасхальное яйцо" в ассембл...

 1983 Crystal Computing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happy Happy Christmas!

Ok, so I’ve allready said that but, it’s Christmas Eve!

Here’s a little something for you: for a limited time, you can browse inside Herbie Brennan’s Shadow Project for free!

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Just siad I’d pop that up there for all of you who enjoy his books (I personally love the Wizard’s Apprentice)